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With increasing regulations from the Department of Labor and increased labor costs, keeping track employee hours becomes more important to companies today. 


Job and labor cost tracking allow businesses to accurately forecast and review project profitability.  Small time discrepancies could lead to large penalties for non-compliance. They can also lead to large unnecessary costs over time.

We help keep Your employees and business on track.


Multiple collection methods and "plug and play" capability make this a viable option for businesses of any size and type.  From simple web clock application to full biometric and GPS tracking, your business can pick the option that best suits your individual needs.  ​​

Web Clocks with IP Restrictions

Give you the comfort of knowing that employees are at the location you need them to be when the should be there. 

Biometric Scanning

This technology furthers your level of comfort by fully eliminating the possibility of practices like 'buddy punching'. 


GPS and Geolocation

These are really great options for employers with multiple worksite locations, especially if they change often. 

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